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"We believe that data should be easily accessible by everyone. So we created Sharingology. Our focus for now is to share medical knowledge to our best extent. There’s a lot of room for improvement. But we’re happy to share with you the possibility. Our work might be a violation of copyright, but we think there should be no barrier in the sharing of knowledge. Kindly respect and support the original creators of the content."

Arke Swartz

What data do we provide?

Our focus at this time is to share medical resources to review for USMLE and other international medical exams. We have shared some excellent video lectures by Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan from Bayyinah TV (regarding the religion of Islam) as a side project. But the majority of our content in the library now covers medical topics.

Medical Resources

We have been able to share the following resources at this time in our library.

500+ medical books in all different fields
SketchyMedical 2017 high quality video lectures, subtitles and interactive review images
Pathoma 2017 high quality video lectures with latest 2017 textbook in high quality searcheable pdf
Entire library of most Kaplan Medical videos, including Kaplan Step 1, Step 2 CK, Step 3, Live Classroom Anywhere, High Yield CK video lectures and USMLE comprehensive cases by Conrad Fischer
Doctors in Training 2014 Step 1 and Step 2 video lectures
MedQuest internal medicine and step 2 video lectures
Entire library of Picmonic videos
Many Lecturio video lectures
Check out the library for a lot more!

Disclaimer: we are not responsible for having retrieved all of the above mentioned data. Credit goes to enthusiasts like us who took their time to share those data from their purchased material. We as Sharingology staff are responsible for the quality of videos that we retrieved from official sites of SketchyMedical and Pathoma! We will continue to refresh the other resources as Sharingology staff, but that takes time and budget.

Accessing our library

You can access our library via web interface “” which allows you to browse through the entire content and download individual files. But you can also access our library via FTP which allows you to browse through the entire content and download files or folders to your local storage. There are many apps which allow you to connect to FTP servers, such as FileZilla for Windows and Mac, Documents by Readdle for iOS and ES File Explorer for Android.

Free account

We provide a free account for everyone to log into the library and see the entire content but they can’t view or download the files except for files in select subfolders. We have given access to the first few subfolders in each section of the library for the free account. We would like you to have a good taste of the experience before registering an account with us. Simply login as “anonymous” and no password for free access.

Registered account

You can register an account with us for $10 and we will give you a 100GB access to the entire library. Your account will not have an expiry date. You can consume your 100GB access at your own convenience. Your 100GB access to the library will allow you to download 100GB of data from your account. If you download the same content (let’s say 10GB) twice, your account will be deducted by 20GB. By registering an account, you will have your own login name and passowrd to access the library, and no content will be locked for you.

Why limited access?

Why don’t we giveaway unlimited access to the library by registering an account with us? Our servers have bandwidth limits, so we have to limit each registered account at 100GB at this time. If your account runs out of balance, you will no longer be able to download files and you can then donate another $10 for refilling your account with another 100GB access to the entire library. Feel free to contact support at any time for any concerns regarding the project.

Why paid membership?

Why do we ask for a $10 donation for giving away a registered account? The cost of running and maintaining the servers is quite expensive, so we will use your funds towards covering those costs. And your funds allow us to purchase more materials so that we can share them back with you!

Access the library via FTP on Windows or Mac

Please download and install FileZilla on your computer. Enter “” in host and “anonymous” or your registered username in username and leave password empty for free access or enter your registered password and connect to the server!

Remote site is on the right. drag a folder or file from the remote site on the right to a local site on the left to download it. Free access with “anonymous” username and empty password gives you download access to files in select subfolders only. Please register an account for full access!

If you’re not being able to download at full connection speed, then you may want to tweak the settings a little like the following. Please change “Maximum simultaneous transfers” from “2” to as high as “10”.

Access the library via FTP on iOS

Please download “Documents by Readdle” from the App Store. In the services, choose FTP or SFTP and enter the details: “Sharingology” as title, “” as host, “anonymous” or your registered username as “login” and leave the assword empty for free access or enter your registered password and click “Save”. Then you will be logged into the library. You can then easily download files or folders to your local storage in the Documents app. Please note that downloading one single file from the server might sometimes be slow. However, downoading folders or multiple files at a time speeds up the transfer and makes full use of your connection’s bandwidth.

Access the library via FTP on Android

Please download and install the “ES File Explorer” apk file for Android. In network, choose FTP. Then click “new” and choose anyone of ftp, sftp or ftps. Type “” as server and “anonymous” as username with empty password, or your registered username and password. Then download any files or folders that you need.

Send your donation

We accept two methods of payment for our project. Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies) and eGift Card.

Pay in Bitcoin

To pay in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, please click the following button and you will be redirected to a link where you need to enter your active email address. Then you can proceed with the payment of $10 for a 100GB access to the entire library. Please make sure to enter your email address correctly. After we receive your payment, we will send your “username” and “password” to the email address you provided within 24 hours. 

Pay in eGift Card

If you can’t pay in Bitcoin (or other cryptocurrencies), then you should have a Visa Card or MasterCard. You then have to create an account and setup your payment info if you don’t already have one. Then go to the following link.

Enter $10 as the amount and choose “Email” as the delivery method. Type “” in the “To” field and your active email address in the “From” field. Click “Buy Now” and proceed to confirm. After we successfully receive your gift card, we will send your “username” and “password” to the email address you wrote in the “From” field within 24 hours. So please make sure to type in your email address correctly. Contact support if you have any problems with the payment.